The printing industry has seen a lot of innovations over the years. From block printing to screen printing to 3d printing, there have always been new developments in the methods of printing.

In this blog let us see some major technology breakdowns in the world of printing

Origins of Printing – Block Printing

The first ever method of printing dates back to the 4th and 5th century BC where stone and clay blocks were engraved, inked and pressed onto a sheet of paper or fabric.
Around the 6th century a subtitle of stone and clay was seen in form of the wooden block. For making a print, the wooden block was inked with a paintbrush and then stamped of a sheet of paper.
The Diamond Sutra (868 AD), a six-sheet scroll over five meters long was one of the first books printed with woodblocks.

Movable Type Printing

Around 1041, a Chinese commoner named Bì Sheng was the inventor of the first movable type of printing. The movable type was made of amalgam clay and glue hardened by baking. Once the impression was made, the type could be detached by reheating the plate. Later Bi Sheng had also developed a wooden movable type.

Auspicious Tantra of All-Reaching Union, a 449-page text considered to be the earliest extant example of a text printed using the wooden movable type. As the time passed the wooden movable was replaced with Ceramic and Metal movable type

The Rotary Press

In the year 1843 in the United States, Richard March Hoe has just invented the first rotary press which was perfected in 1846 and patented in 1847.

In the rotary printing press, the impressions were carved around a cylinder so that the printing can be done on long continuous rolls of paper.

Offset Printing

In the early 20th century offset printing method was introduced were the image was not directly transferred, rather the inked image was transferred from a plate to a rubber sheet, then to the printing surface

Screen Printing

Screen printing has its origins in France, and the technique still remains the most popular one because it’s cost-effective and scalable.

3D printing

The final and the most recent method of printing 3d printing is a printing process of making 3 dimensional solid objects from a digital file designed in a 3D model software.

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