Printing on Glass & Plastic Bottles

Customized Printing on Plastic & Glass Bottles

Are you looking to get your brand name, logo, or any kind of artwork printed on plastic or glass bottles? If yes, then we can be the right company to help you do that.

Color Craft Prints is a customized printing services company based out in Mumbai. With the last 2 decades of working in this industry, we understand the various challenges faced while printing on glass and plastic bottles. There are 100s of different types of bottles available, and to be able to print on any kind of bottle is something we specialize in.

Depending on the complexity of the work we use one of the following methods to print on bottles for achieving the best results:

  1. Screen Printing – We use this method when the design to be printed is small and not very complex.
  2. Round Printing – This method is used when a design is to be printed on the whole circumference of the bottle
  3. Pad Printing – This is the most advanced method of printing, and its used when the design is to be printed on an uneven surface like the concave bottom of the bottle, the sides or even on the lid of the bottles.

For us, the quality of work and client satisfaction is the top-most priority. We have always made sure to get the job done within the agreed time frame.

The main advantage you get when working with us is, we can provide you on-site services as well in the following scenarios:

  • If the quantity of the bottles on which printing needs to be done is high and you want to avoid the hassle and cost of shipping it to us.
  • If the bottles to be printed are made of glass and you want to avoid the possibility of damage while shipping it to us.

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